• MELISSA LINDFORS, berkshire Hathaway

As a Realtor, it is of the utmost importance to work with service professionals that are knowledgeable, honest and excel in their area of expertise. They strengthen a Realtor's relationship with their clients, by demonstrating that they have a network of professionals that can quickly address any issues needed to help close a transaction or address a buyer's concern. Mike Rubbo with Rubbo Termite Co. is, simply put, a perfect example of the type of professional that Realtors dream of working with.

I have worked with and trusted Mike for many years now as he is hands-down the best and most reliable termite inspector I have ever worked with. I feel confident that when I recommend Mike to my clients, that not only will the work be done in the highest professional manner, but that he will be courteous and engaging with my clients. At this point in my career, after working with various termite inspectors over the years, I only work with one, and that is Mike Rubbo. It is with no reservation that I give my strongest and highest recommendation for Mike Rubbo and Rubbo Termite Co. to all of my clients, my future clients and my fellow colleagues.

Melissa Lindfords
Berkshire Hathaway 
C: 619-315-3771 


Rubbo Termite is the only company I will recommend to clients and friends. They are always punctual, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. But, most importantly, you know they will be honest and transparent with you in all situations. They will give you peace of mind with your projects and you know you're getting the straight scoop every time. That's priceless. 

Willie Wilson 
HomeSmart Realty West
BRE# 01748127

C: 760.840.7616

“I am a real estate professional and found this company two years ago when they had inspected a home my client was buying.  I was impressed by the job they did and their professionalism.  I have used them ever since.  In reading other reviews, I'm seeing individuals blaming the company for exterior plants being harmed.  That is something I know is fully explained in the paperwork.  Or if chosen by an agent, the agent should have explained.  They have done exceptional work for me on every transaction I have close as a listing agent since.  I would recommend no one else.”

Ginni F.

• Jim Peters,  Windermere    

“I have had probably 10 to 15 termite companies over the last 15 years and have utilized Mike and Rubbo Termite for the past 7 years almost exclusively. I would venture to guess Mike has done at least 30 to 40 homes for our team. The quality of their workmanship, the competitiveness of their pricing, the professionalism of their people, is second to none, of those I have worked with. They start-stop and complete the work when they say they're going to; they take the time to explain to the client what it is they're doing and they answer any questions if they'd like to know more details. They keep the workplace clean and tidy on a daily basis, and they do what they say they're going to do when they say they're going to do it and for the price they quote. I can't remember one time when Mike ever came back and said we need to charge you more but several termite companies do. I'm not saying that won't happen but that has been my experience.”

• Celeste Ulberg Hansen | The Real Estate Mama

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU again for taking care of us; you guys treat me like family! Thank you for the extra visits, the schedule glitches and overall, the discount and savings.

You guys will always be MY PEOPLE!”

"As a Realtor I pride myself on working with the best in the business. Termite companies always seem to be the fall guy for home sellers that don't read all the documents of this process, especially tenting.

I've used this crew several times with amazing success and they always go above and beyond. I recently was able to use them for my own home and I can't say enough about Mike, his office staff, and Hector in the field.

Total quality management at its finest!"

 – Kelly L.

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Just wanted to take a minute to tell you how impressed I was with Angel and Tito.  It was evident at the get go that they take immense pride in their work and that focusing on a quality job is important to them. In addition, their customer service attitude and professionalism were just amazing.  I would use your Company again based on their performance.  They are assets to your Company.  Thank you so much.

LP, Carlsbad, CA

We have used Rubbo Termite several times. They are always professional, knowledgeable, prompt and proactive!

Nicki B.
San Francisco, CA

Rubbo Termite just completed repair of our large wooden backyard pergola.  The guys performing the work did a beautiful job, were punctual, and very pleasant.  The customer service of the folks in the office handling the quote and scheduling was also great.  I strongly recommend Rubbo Termite.

Kristan S.
Encinitas, CA

"The first thing I'd like to mention is that we have hired Mike and the Rubbo team twice (2016 & 2020).  The first was for a VA purchase inspection and the second time was for a VA refinance inspection.  The VA is VERY picky and Mike knows his stuff!

BOTH times, Mike went through all the details of what "might" happen between plants both in and around our home with fumigation detail.  He also covered in-depth the fact that any rotten wood would NOT pass inspection.  The least expensive option for replacing wood was to cut out the rotten parts only.  The expensive option was to replace all the wood damaged by either termites or rot.  We were also told that the Spanish tile on our roof may get broken in the tenting process and to be prepared for potentially many to be broken (luckily, we only had a couple).  He was VERY thorough.

Having done this twice now, I would share that I don't know how seriously I listened to all of those details the first time.  I wanted so much to buy my home and I knew I had to get an inspection "over with," that not all of those details sunk in. 

Mike came to our house again about a month ago.  He went through every detail again and I can tell you I listened very carefully this time as we had just completed a full remodel of our yard with all new plants, a pool, new trees, etc.  We were prepared to cover any plantings and deal with broken roof tiles if need be.  As always, Mike and crew did a great job and we passed our VA inspection with no issues at all!

As you read the other reviews here, please consider that in this type of business people hear what they want to or are able to because buying and refinancing are stressful times.  Mike goes over everything with a fine-toothed comb.  In response to texting, I prefer text messages over phone calls...so that just seems a matter of personal preference.

Whether we buy, sell or refinance in the future, I will call Mike and trust him with exactly what he says needs to be done to pass inspection.  We are a pretty particular military family and Mike is a straight-shooter."

Megan B.
Carlsbad, CA

"Mike, Brenda and the crew at Rubbo Termite Company did a great job of working with our schedule for tenting our house while we were on vacation last year. They were easy to work with, on time and at a very fair price. A few months later they jumped in to inspect and repair items to help the sale of our house. It would have been difficult to get through the inspection without their help. These people are honest, helpful and do a great job. That's very hard to find these days. We highly recommend this company and their people to help you with your needs."

Dick and Nancy
Vancouver, WA

"Oh my goodness-I cannot praise company enough. We had a cash offer come in on our home and had an extremely quick close. As some may know, when closing on a house, a Wood Destroying Insect Report is due to the Escrow company prior to closing. 

I had grown increasingly frustrated because I had called several local organizations as well as Terminix and nobody would call me back. Our realtor recommended this company so gave them a ring. 

Not only was Michele extremely friendly and eager to help, they came out within just 2 days of me calling. Michael Rubbo came out and performed the inspection. He was early, friendly and prompt.

I highly recommend this company and thrilled our realtor told us about them!"

K B. 
Vista, CA