Michael Rubbo, owner of Rubbo Termite Co., grew up in San Diego County and has created a stellar reputation within the Real Estate community over the past 24 years.

At Rubbo Termite Co. our reputation is built on 100% customer satisfaction.

We are committed to delivering fast, courteous and reliable termite and repair services by combining the latest environmentally conscious-technologies at a high-quality, discount price. 

Honoring God in all we do, Rubbo Termite Co., promotes stable, long-term partnerships with our Real Estate Agents, Clients and the community in which we live to serve.

“Every connection is a chance to win business.  I give more than I take, because the more I give,

the more I get back…”

Please Contact Rubbo Termite CO. AT (760) 994-0826 or at info@rubbotermite.com FOR AN INITIAL CONSULTATION

​​​​​​Full Service Termite and Repair 

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Speak to a Representative  (760) 994-0826