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Rubbo Termite Co., understands your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. Taking care of your investment is our top priority!

Each year, termites invade millions of homes, causing billions of dollars of damage that is not covered by homeowner's insurance. It is not a matter of if your home will get termites, but when.

Our thorough inside/outside home inspection and evaluation by a licensed termite professional is the first step toward protecting your home from these wood destroying organisms.

Damaged wood caused by rot, mold, and termites can seem like an overwhelming and expensive project. However, if you can catch the problem before it becomes too severe, it can be quickly and affordably remedied by Rubbo Termite.When you schedule a home consultation a Licensed and Bonded Termite Inspector will come out to your home and assess the damage. Our trained team of inspectors can let you know if the damaged structure is still safe or if repairs are required. In all cases, we will clearly explain all of your options, including what will happen if you leave everything as is. You will find that our price quotes are fair, and that our inspectors are honest, detailed and thorough. We pride ourselves on providing an honest assessment and high-quality repair work. If you believe that you have termite or dry rot infected wood damage, contact our office to schedule an in-home evaluation from one of our knowledgeable inspectors who will recommend a custom solution you are comfortable with.

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